Yearbooks are a large expenditure for most schools. Are your support and service worthy of the financial investment you make each year? Are you spending more and more each year on fundraising? Do you often wonder how you will pay your bill at the end of the year? Do your students struggle with photography?

Receive free training from experienced advisers and representatives throughout the industry. So whether you are looking for information for your inaugural year, how to set up portrait day, sell advertisements, or take better photos, we can provide information that will help you with whatever company you use.

Yearbook Adviser Training

Find ways to become a better yearbook adviser. Find out how to submit your pages on time. Find out how to pay your bill. Become a better photography teacher.

If you are a new adviser, what are the expectations of this job? Are you prepared? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this job?

Your administration just volunteered you to be the yearbook adviser. Now what? What will this mean to you during the upcoming year?

Have changes in technology made it possible for you to print your book differently?

Which is better for you, offset or digital on-demand printing? Why would a school choose one over the other? Learn the differences between the two methods and why one might be better for you.

Selecting a reliable yearbook company is crucial for creating a memorable and high-quality yearbook. What should you consider?

Numerous factors must be considered to ensure that the company meets your school’s financial needs and reflects your school’s memories and achievements.

What is the best way to work with your staff?

Create an atmosphere that will foster collaboration, set expectations that will help you meet your deadlines, and establish rules and procedures that will take your book to the next level.


Don’t be surprised by your bill in the spring. Know what to expect. Find out how you can pay your bill.

Yearbooks are expensive. Make sure you know what to expect. Learn how to make your yearbook program profitable.


Learn how to get off to a fast start with photography.

Learn the basics of yearbook photography.


Are your photos exposed correctly? Do you know what a f/stop is?

What are the various functions and controls of a camera? For example, should one use the automatic settings? When is it best to use aperture or shutter priority?


The photo arena is always changing. Do you have the right equipment?

Should you stick with DSLR cameras, or is it time to move to mirrorless? What is the best type of lens for sports photography?

Your ace photographer just took 2000 photos at the football game. What do you do now?

Learn how to set up an efficient system of importing, selecting, culling, and storing your photos. Learn about free or low-cost options that will make your photo life easier.


The picture day is set. Now, what do you do?

Find out what your school photographer expects from you. Learn what you expect from them. What is involved in setting up school picture day?


Do you struggle with your sports photography? Do your students experience exposure or focus issues?

What can an adviser do to get better sports photos? Do you need better equipment, or just more knowledge to obtain better sports photos?


It’s probably easier than you would think to set up a photo studio at your school.

Learn how to set up an efficient system of importing, selecting, culling, and storing your photos. In addition, learn about free or low-cost options that will make your photo life easier.


Become an Instructor and Help Other Advisers

Consider sharing your yearbook knowledge with those who have just started the journey.

Are you interested in making money As a yearbook guru contributor?

Is it time to earn extra money for the yearbook material and curriculum you have created?

Yearbook Guru will pay you for yearbook and journalism guides, handouts, PowerPoints, PDF files, and other teaching material you have created. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for details.